1. Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some common implementation concerns – and how we address them:

    “We have a lot of patients in our database. Do we have to re-enter patients as they call in for a new appointment?”

    We programmatically convert/copy your demographic and insurance database into our information database (the NextGen billing software). This eliminates the need for time consuming and duplicate data entry as you transition to our system.

    “How do we get our appointments into your scheduling system?”

    We load all of your existing appointments post the “go-live” date into NextGen for you. As of your first day as a client, your existing patients and their upcoming appointments will be available and loaded in our software.

    “How does training work?”

    Your users can be trained in a variety of ways. We offer both on-site and web-based training. Your needs and schedule will determine the pace and location(s) of the training.