1. Ameriderm can help your practice be prepared for mandatory compliance changes in the ICD-10 Codes

    It’s here! After several delays, the newly mandated ICD-10 has arrived with the final “must use” date being October 1, 2014. Going from 18,000 ICD-9 codes to a 15-fold increase of 140,000 codes alone is daunting and overwhelming, to say the least.

    Physicians are struggling to find an efficient, workable means to wade through the intricate, complicated and detailed nuances of ICD-10 without forfeiting individual patient care, making costly coding errors, in both time wasted and dollars lost, and without frustrating staff. Staying abreast of cumbersome insurance requests for documentation, while attempting to focus on patient care and keeping the office business afloat can exceed both your time and staffing capabilities.

    Ameriderm recognizes that as a physician, your patients come first and that the multiple and confusing decisions necessary for coding, billing and collections can not only distract you from patient care, but can also drain you emotionally and financially.

    Payment denials, delays, risks and dreaded audits are avoided with Ameriderm’s assistance and resources. Let us evaluate, negotiate and be responsible for handling and solving your billing dilemma and for boosting revenue. The average insurance collection rate is 67%; let us get the other 33%.