1. New Practice Start-Up

    An ambition of many dermatologists is to start their own practice. It takes considerably more than providing exceptional patient care, quality dermatological procedures and products to be successful. To thrive in this competitive medical and economic landscape, you must have a superior command of the “back office.” The appeal of running your own practice is exciting, but wrestling with insurance claims and chasing payments will exhaust you and your staff — resulting in frustration and lack of focus on what really matters to you and to your patients: care and compassion.

    Ameriderm is more than just a “billing and collections” service. We partner with you to create value for your practice while further advancing your business expectations.

    What Ameriderm will do to help you achieve your goals:

    • Provide insight into other dermatology practices and clinics in the area:
      • How long is the wait to book an appointment?
      • Is Mohs surgery offered?
      • Is Medicare/Medicaid accepted?
      • Are cosmetic services or skin-care products available?
    • Research insurance plans to ascertain which are accepted and in addition, credential you with those insurance providers.
    • Update address changes with insurance companies if at some point you open a satellite office or move.
    • Supply and install all software/hardware components (computers and copiers) for your office to run our customized billing program. Our highly skilled technical team installs all this. It’s all part of our service!
    • Have on-site a seasoned team available to assist and support you and your employees when you “go live” and start seeing new patients. We want to ensure that everyone is comfortable utilizing all the features of your new system.
    • Save you thousands of dollars each year in medical and office supplies. Ameriderm’s deeply-discounted contractual rates with McKesson and Office Depot are just another tangible way we can help in achieving your objectives.