1. Single or Multi-Practice/Provider Office Optimization

    With all the political chaos, economic instability and societal changes affecting healthcare, profit margins have eroded and become uncertain. Being nimble and able to adapt to the variable landscape will give you a competitive advantage. Optimizing your practice – making it function both effectively and at its best – now becomes even more critical.

    Do you know the answer to these questions?

    • As you evaluate your own practice, where do you first look to optimize without sacrificing patient care?
    • Assuming that you do receive insurance reimbursement, how quickly do you get paid and how much of the money that is contractually obligated to you do you actually receive?

    If you are having trouble answering, or if your answers are, “get paid greater than 20 days from the time of the procedure,” or “I have to write-off large sums of money each year,” then you are prime for proactive optimization. Ameriderm can assist with your optimization. Our professional and experienced team members are proficient and knowledgeable in all areas of billing and coding. They are equally familiar with the many nuances and multiple layers involved in collections.

    Not only do we provide you with best collection rates in the country, we further offer an incomparable service that ensures billing and coding are timely, compliant and accurate. The Ameriderm team instructs your staff using our software and hardware to help maximize profits by reducing both your DSO (days sales outstanding) and any write-offs of bad debt from un-collected payments.

    Ameriderm can assist in other areas of practice optimization:

    • You will have access to our discounted rates for medical and office supplies through McKesson and Office Depot. We can help you save thousands of dollars each year.
    • We offer centralized appointment scheduling and insurance verification support.

    Let our dedicated and talented group focus on what we do best—and let your medical staff focus on what they do best—patient care.